What To Expect From The Next IPad Mini

The iPad Mini is currently Apple’s most popular product and a new version is coming out very soon. While Apple is being very silent about what consumers can expect, there are many rumors circulating about the possible upgrades to the new model. These are a few of the most popular rumors.

Better Display

The one thing that people disliked about the iPad Mini is its inferior display. The regular iPad has the coveted Retina display, while the iPad Mini’s display isn’t even as good as the Nexus 7. It still looks good, but it’s obviously not the best. Many people are assuming that Apple will either release the iPad Mini 2 with the Retina display, or that it will appear in the next model.

Lower Price

Apple’s tablets have been very expensive since the beginning, which makes it very difficult for the common consumer to enjoy this hardware. This is one of the things that has made the Nexus 7 so attractive. While the iPad Mini will still be more expensive than the Nexus 7, many people believe that the new price will be closer to $250.

Different Colors

There have been conflicting reports on this rumor. Some people think that the new iPad Mini will be in the classic black and white colors, but others say that it might come in candy colors like red, green and blue. This would make sense since the iPad Mini appeals more towards children.

Wireless Charging

Many tablets and smartphones have wireless charging capabilities, but Apple has yet to work this feature into its various iPads. Some people believe that the iPad Mini 2 will be the first Apple device to offer this feature. You would just need to buy a special case and place the tablet on a charging station. This isn’t an essential change, but it’s definitely a convenient one if it happens.

Stronger Processor

The iPad Mini is expected to come with a stronger processor, but experts aren’t sure what chip Apple will use. Many people expect Apple to use the A6X processor because it was used in the iPad 4, but others say that Apple might install its newest A7 processor into the new iPad Mini. While no one’s sure right now, it’s a safe bet that the iPad Mini CPU will be significantly better than the existing one.

Possible Storage Upgrade

Apple recently showed that it could produce an iPad with a 128GB internal storage capacity with the iPad 4. This is a huge upgrade that ensures that users will never need to use a memory card to store all of their files. Some people believe that the iPad Mini 2 will come in a 128GB version, which would be a massive improvement.

Release Date

Most Apple products have been released just a few months before Christmas, and the iPad Mini 2 is no exception. It seems that Apple is fairly set on an October 2013 release, but that could change in the coming months. At the same time, you can expect the tablet to come out around this time because Apple wants income from the holiday season.

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