: A search engine that learns to know his master

Designed by the inventors of Siri, the software speech recognition installed on the iPhone 4S, Trap is currently a website. By learning the habits of its user but also by reading the text of Web pages, it is supposed to refine the search and find Web pages would have ignored the conventional tools.

Google reigns unchallenged, research online, but new ways to explore the Web trying to change that. Trap, a new search engine described as intelligent, designed by the creators of the Virtual Assistant from Apple, Siri, is to change our procedures for access to online content.

Launched in beta on November 15, Trap (to trap it, trap it) is placed on a niche already filled: Stumbleupon, Digg and Techmeme, among others, practicing trunking too hidden or too recent to appear on the front page search engines. For its part, Microsoft is also trying to improve Bing, its search engine. Launched on November 14 and reserved in the United States, its latest initiative is a selection of sites divided into more than 140 subjects (Editor’s picks).

Editor’s Picks: an attempt by Microsoft, still in the prototype stage, to offer a selection of sites in different areas, chosen by the editors. © Microsoft

A little understanding

Trap differs quite markedly from those services first by a form of learning, taking into account the fact that “the individual user is a moving target forever.” Specifically, Trap provides customized results, corresponding to the tastes and browsing habits of each.

In addition, in the manner of Siri, the iPhone 4S, which decrypts said that the user (“What’s the weather like out there” will give the same result as “should I take my umbrella”), is interested Trap not only keywords but web pages are read, really. It extracts more effectively the nature of the research content in principle more relevant. In this, it looks like Wolfram Alpha, which accepts queries in natural language and direct response to a question.

Trap is currently in the form of a Web application, but an application iOS is announced for early 2012. Gary Griffiths, CEO and cofounder of Trap, sees “the future of the discovery on the Web, in a world postrecherche. We feed sites and services of all kinds. The Web is now far too large for a general solution works […]. All services of the Web will go to the customization. ”

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