The Power Of YouTube Likes

YouTube video likes do a whole lot more than just indicate that people like your videos. Likes not only increase the likelihood that people will stick around and watch more than the first few seconds of a video, but likes also help videos rank higher in YouTube’s search.

What’s the best way to get more YouTube likes? Creating interesting and quality videos that people would actually care to watch is pretty obvious. Take time in planning out your videos and choose a topic to discuss or show that people genuinely would want to watch. Make sure it’s something that you would take the time to watch at the very least!

Growing an audience or following is another great way to get video likes on YouTube as well. Think about the number of likes you can pull every time your upload a new video from your fans alone. Taking the time to build a loyal fan base is important. Take advantage of all the social networks online and post your videos and channel all over the place. Get excited about sharing your content and get others excited so they will do the same! Invest time in reaching out to your subscribers and find out where their interest lay. Engaging your fans on a monthly basis is another great way to keep your subscribers happy and to keep them sharing your videos and channel.

Hosting some sort of event, whether it’s a live broadcast or giveaway at least once a month is a great idea. This will allow your subscribers to feel invested in your channel well into the future. Giveaways are also one of the best ways to provide an incentive to new viewers to become subscribers as well.

YouTube likes play a significant role in a video’s rank. After all, what people think of your video should play a role in deciding how relevant it is to certain terms and how and when it should be displayed to other YouTube users. But gaining likes as a small channel can be rather difficult, especially if you are working with a new channel.

There are services available that will add likes to any video on YouTube, but you need to be careful and selective regarding which companies you choose to do business with. Safety is everything because this is obviously not something YouTube wants people to be doing this. But if you can find a provider who can do this safely, adding YouTube likes to your videos can become an extremely powerful way to get your video seen by many more people and grow your channel.

Stay away from Fiverr and any other of those fly by night companies. I’ve always used Mass Media to provide everything YouTube related. This company provides everything from views, likes, subscribers, shares, and even dislikes. Adding dislikes to a video can be just as important adding YouTube likes because all videos do naturally have some dislikes. After all, a video with hundreds of likes and zero dislikes looks very suspicious. In order to keep your video looking natural I highly suggest sprinkling a few dislikes on your video as well.

Most people stop watching a video after the first few seconds. In fact, even some of the most popular videos on YouTube only have an average watch time of about 30 seconds. That being said you really need every advantage at your disposal in order to keep people watching your videos for a longer period of time. When people see a ton of views and likes on a video it’s a pretty good indicator to most viewers that they should stick around for a minute because this video may be worth watching.