The Best Paging Devices To Suit Your Business

Paging devices are now becoming common place in many different settings and have a wide variety of uses. We take a look at some of the most frequent applications and explore in detail how the technology is being used.

If you ever have cause to be in a hospital, you wouldn’t be surprised to see your doctor with a pager. However, recent changes in technology mean that it is now no longer just the professionals who are using paging devices; more often than not, they’re being passed to customers or patients too.

We take a look at some of the different applications for paging devices and how they are being used in businesses today.

Child safety

Leaving your baby or child can always be a bit of a worry, even when you are certain the facilities are safe and staff highly trained. However, it’s not always practical or even possible to take your child into every environment and there are times when they would be better left in a secure and comfortable place, such as a nursery or a creche.

Being a parent doesn’t necessarily mean that your fears are rational and being out of touch can leave you worried and on-edge. Some childcare facilities are overcoming this issue by supplying parents with a pager device meaning they can be contact instantly if there is even the slightest hint of a problem.

Parents can choose from a range of different alert options including vibrate, beep, flash and glow to make sure the pager is suitable for whatever situation they may be in.

Getting attention

How many times when you have been out do you decide you want to buy a little extra something, or ask a question, but try as you might getting the attention of a member of staff seems like an impossible task?

No matter how well you train your staff it’s impossible to have eyes everywhere and spotting customers who need help isn’t always easy. Installing a paging device system allows staff to be summoned simply at the press of a button, thus providing the opportunity for more sales. The perfect example of this in in a cinema where the pager could be used to purchase sweets or drinks without moving!

The walkaway

One of the biggest turnoffs for customers can be long queues and the notion of having to simply stand and wait can be enough to make many people change their mind.

However, by providing a pager, the individual can continue doing other things without missing their place in the queue. This might be as simple as going to the bar and relaxing with a drink whilst they wait for their table, with no risk of being overlooked.

Finally, when it comes to choice of model, the best paging device for any application undoubtedly comes down to personal preference. There’s push-button, coaster and even novelty paging devices – the design and model you pick is down to you.

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