Standing Out on Instagram

Seventy million images are posted on Instagram daily. Because of the visual competition, any product photos you present must be the kinds of images viewers won’t scroll past. To make sure your images stand out, you can access in-app filers to enhance the moods and hues of your pictures. Just make sure you practice consistency. That way, your photos will be instantly recognised. That means using your own judgment to decide what pictures look best. If you cannot decide, research shows that, on average, the Mayfair filter on the site draws in more interactions for every 1,000 followers.

What Instagrammers Like

Also, remember lighter and brighter images produce 24% more likes than images that are dark. In addition, pictures with blue as a primary colour see almost 25% more likes than images that are mainly red. Images with a single dominant colour see a 17% increase in the number of likes. For example, the brand and retailer Urban Outfitters makes use of single dominant and blue colour integrations to present visually appealing and “likable” photos.

If you know a bit about how to use the filters and colour, you will also want to get Instagram followers by purchasing them. Doing so will help you extend your reach and make it easier to build those all-important organic links.

Because your Instagram account is not considered a platform for direct sales, you have to concentrate on adding value to your feed, especially if you want your followers to keep following you. Therefore, the ultimate way to inject your feeds with added appeal is with the introduction of lifestyle photos.

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photos use life-inspired scenes, models, or backgrounds to show how a product can be used in a certain setting. Research has found that the majority of Nike’s posts in 2014 featured lifestyle content. That is in contrast to calls-to-action and traditional product images. Adidas, on the other hand, shared about 32% of lifestyle-type content. In turn, Nike experienced eight times the engagement on social media sites. The tally came out as 993 shares per post versus 122 shares for Adidas.

The idea of adding lifestyle photos works for strengthening your products and brand, as they also highlight the culture and lifestyle surrounding them. In turn, you are underscoring your brand equity, or the feelings related to your company’s brand.

Including Bonuses

You can also stand out on Instagram, brand-wise and sales-wise, by including bonuses, special offers or insider announcements to followers. Since over 40% of Instagrammers admit that they follow a specific brand to take advantage of giveaways and perks, you want to offer Instagram followers with this type of incentive. Plus, a text overlay allows you to incorporate your promotion on a photo. This visual and stylish addition enable you to announce discount specials or sales in an easily recognisable and quick manner.

Apps, which are free, such as PicLab or Phonto, allow you to select the message, font, and positioning of a text over your image – all of which is both informative and eye-catching. The text ideally fits within Instagram’s visual square. Therefore, this type of communication is as big a boon for business as it is for communications.

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