Should Your Business Hire an SEO Consultant?

About a decade ago, a job title like SEO consultant would have been unthinkable. Nowadays, SEO consultants are ubiquitous. Many companies benefit from having an outside expert manage their SEO needs. If your business is need of a consultant, here are several questions and factors to consider before hiring one:

Do Your Employees Spend a Lot of Time Conducting SEO-Related Tasks?

Employees of smaller companies often need to multitask and handle several aspects of doing business. However, the employees who conduct online marketing or web design should not take up too much time conducting SEO-related tasks. Work must be well balanced. If the SEO needs have surpassed the existing labour capacity of your company, perhaps now is time to hire an outside SEO company to do the work. Time saving is, in fact, one of the prime reasons why many companies opt to outsource SEO. If you feel like your employees’ time is being taken up too much by SEO related tasks, it will be more productive and efficient to outsource these tasks to a consulting firm.

Your SEO Strategy is Floundering

You will need a consultant if no matter what your business does in terms of SEO yields little to no results. Even if you have a great website, traffic might be slow. Your search rankings may not be improving at the moment. Or worse, a competitor could be gaining an edge on your business online. If this is the case, it’s time to hire a consultant. An individual or a firm will be able to review your existing strategy and recommend improvements. It’s possible that your current strategy may be in need of a complete overhaul if it’s not yielding results. It’s better if an expert does it than your employees.

You Don’t Shrug Off Professional Help

Some companies are adamant that everything is done in-house. If you choose to go down this path, you will have to spend a lot of money hiring real experts in their respective fields, including SEO. Hiring a consultant is a more affordable way to have a professional look at your optimization techniques. Doing everything in-house has its downsides. Employees may praise themselves for doing subpar jobs, and your team could be oblivious to the advancements in the field. This is why an expert perspective in necessary for many companies.

Benefit from White Hat Techniques

Some companies end up resorting to drastic “Black Hat” SEO tactics in times of need. Such black hat tactics involve dubious and unacceptable practices such as spamming and paying for traffic. Black hat tactics are, ultimately, unfruitful on the long term. If you truly want to benefit from an effective SEO plan, you need to adopt white hat tactics that have proven to be effective on the long term. If your employees are unaware of some of these, an expert will be able to point them out. SEO consultants are highly experienced in spotting black hat tactics and using white hat tactics. Your company will definitely be able to polish up the existing strategy with an SEO consultant in this regard.

Also, if your business is very, very small, hiring an SEO consultant on a short-term basis will be more cost-efficient than hiring an amateur web developer on the long term. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your business.

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