Should you buy S8 or wait for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has brought a wonderful technology in its S8 of Iris scanner and fingerprint scanner. Iris scanner, which first appeared in the Samsung Note7, has used in Galaxy S8. Recognition system works well, but there are occasional failures, especially in the face, too bright or too dark lighting, but in 90% of cases it recognizes the owner. Galaxy S9, because of its unique display and heart-winning features, would definitely become one of the topmost phones of the world. Among all the features in S9, the unlocking phones feature is really very good. Fingerprint sensor plays a very crucial role in providing the user their security. Fingerprint scanner also received a new opportunity – when the screen is active, you can spend on it up or down to open or close the curtain notifications.

First, This unlocks method is two times slower than a fingerprint scanner, as it is more demanding in terms of – in addition to the lighting, the phone must be placed at the correct distance from the faces (25-35 cm). But by this unlocking, it looks like magic. Galaxy S9 will definitely vanish this fault found in S8, by coming out the next year with an upgraded version having the higher speed in unlocking the phone, as compared to S8.

Secondly, the real disadvantage of the iris scanner is that the smartphone S8 reconciles the eye or after swipe across the display, or as soon as the illuminated screen, because that does not always have time to get acquainted with the notifications on the lock screen. We have to deliberately reject device from your face and look at the display at an oblique angle, or choose a setting that requires more action. Upcoming Galaxy S9 would be able to overcome this feature next year. Samsung manufacturers are getting inspired from all the shortcomings found in S8 and transforming the features of S9 to the latest one so the customers could get the advantage of a fast running flagship device, Galaxy S9.

Third, fingerprint reader – located next to the camera and its frame is different from the rim of the chamber, due to which the touch is difficult to understand or touch the lens of the desired sensor. In addition, the scanner is high and not in the center, because it (those with medium-sized hands) hard to get when holding the device in his right hand. Galaxy S9 is being designed in such a way so as the user can hold the device comfortably.

Other features’ Pros –

Samsung Galaxy S9 will not only provide the user a high security but also phone protection from moisture and dust. The display will come up with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which helps in the protection of the phone plus give the display an amazing look. In S8, there is a facility of protection against moisture and dust to standard IP68, and support for memory cards, which are installed in the second slot for SIM-cards.

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