Nike+ vs. RunKeeper Competition That Rewards the Consumer

When Nike and Apple, two of the largest companies in their respected industries, came together to make Nike+, it was one of the best running products on the iPhone. With its neat insert and shoes that are specific for Nike+, it had never been as easy as it was to track your running and aerobic statistics. But ever so slowly, a competitor app by the name of Run Keeper has built a strong group of followers that is continuing to grow. As both companies try to outdo one another to deliver the best possible app, there is one true winner in it all. The consumer. Not very often does the consumer come out on top when it comes to competing businesses, but in in the case of technology, where apps are inexpensive and your fan base can leave in the blink of an eye, both Nike+ and Run Keeper want to do all they can to keep its customers using their respective application.     Although there is a free version of the app, the price for the Run Keeper full version is $9.99. For an app, that seems a bit pricey, especially compared to $1.99 for the Nike+ application. With that said, its important to keep in mind that in order to use Nike+, you need to invest in a pair of shoes that can sometimes run (no pun intended) more than $100. With that said, even with the costly prices, both products will help you integrate multiple ways of exercising and it seems that the more competition builds, the more each company offers to the customer.

Run Keeper, for example, has worked with other small fitness applications to build a line of apps that you can use together. By accessing the Heath Graph API in Run Keeper, you can pair it with other apps to get more details on personal gains, weight loss, diet, body measurements, and more. This is really convenient, rather than having to physically keep up with all of your information and how it works together.

On the other hand, Nike+ has partnered with bigger name brands like Xbox. With Nike+ and a Xbox Kinect, athletes can train from the comfort of their own living room. The Kinect will keep detailed accounts of your movements and the Nike+ monitor will also keep track and log information for you.

While Nike can partner with a big name video game company, Run Keeper proves that it can work with other small-name companies to develop an entire suite of applications that help you reach your physical goals. No matter which option is best for you, these partnerships may have never been considered before. But as the technology improves and competition grows, more companies are willing to work together to help their customers. And the customers are enjoying it as they are reaping more benefits than ever before.

Nike+ and Run Keeper do a lot of the same things. They track your running statistics through GPS tracking. They also allow you access to a website and online community that will help you track your goals and get support from those around you. But the most important aspect of this is the chess match that occurs with improvements to each app. For every little improvement that Nike adds, Run Keeper can add it to its own app, and vice- versa. This will continue to go back and forth, hoping to come out with the next greatest idea that will lure all the customers from the other company. And one of the best ways to lure customers is to continue to keep low prices; if not lower them even more. As it continues to go back and forth, it’s apparent that athletes will continue to get more, while paying less.

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