Innovative Colour Choices for Modern Business

Creating colour for ink, paint, or any other coating used to be a laborious process, and very often, hit and miss as to whether the same shade can be replicated, but with state of the art pigment dispersion technology, any shade can be created, regardless of amount and mix frequency.

What is Pigment Dispersion?

Pigment can come in many forms, some natural and some man made, and depending on the desired properties you require, the pigment dispersion will ensure an even colouring throughout the ink or paint, and generally, special rolling mills are involved in modern pigment dispersion. The process consists of two stages, the mixing and the milling, and with state of the art equipment and facilities, the desired properties can be achieved. If, for example, a company needed pigment dispersion in Leeds or surrounding areas, there is a market leader who can certainly provide a solution.

Consistent Mixing

This can be a problem when manufacturing high volumes of products, but with precision pigment dispersion, an exact replication is easily achieved. Innovative new materials can be used in conjunction with conductive inks to provide the circuit board communication for digital devices, and if used in conjunction with the wonder material graphene, there is no end to what you can do.

Plastic Products

This vast range of items requires a specific colour coding, and no matter how many batches are made, the original shade will remain consistent throughout. Casing for all types of devices might be made from different grades of plastics, or the device might incorporate a single coloured component that is assembled during the manufacturing process, and in these cases, colour fast solutions are essential.

Conductive Inks

These are regularly used to replicate conductive paths on circuit boards, and their make-up is complex, with specific properties that might include conductivity, or resistance, and whatever the desired properties, there are companies who are dedicated to producing this type of product for a range of industries. Most customers do not possess the technical know-how to understand the complex manufacturing process, yet they do know the properties they require, and with this information, the manufacturer can use their extensive experience to create the perfect solution.

Professional Advice

Typically, the client has a firm idea of what they require, and by consulting with the experts, they can broaden their knowledge, and with new and innovative technology, you would be surprised at the latest solutions on offer. You might be in the early stages of planning a new product, and require a special coating, or need some seriously complicated conductivity within a digital device, and this can be achieved with conductive ink printing, which can be done on just about any substrate. Whatever your colour needs, pigment dispersion offers a solution, and with unlimited colour choices, it really is up to you.

If you would like to know more about this innovative industry, an online search will bring up the website of a major supplier, and from there, you can begin to explore the endless possibilities.

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