Importance of VPN for Small Businesses

When you are handling sensitive business data by connecting people via the internet, you have to be extremely wary of the security. One of the best ways to make a secure connection is by using a virtual private network or VPN.

In this modern technological world, business is usually conducted on the go. More and more small businesses are comprised of a geographically remote group which uses the latest communication technologies to stay in touch with each other. Even if you have an office-based business, you will have to hire remote workers at some point.

Since communication between remote workers will normally include using a public network like the internet, connecting the individuals securely should be your top priority. Security is extremely vital here since commercially sensitive information could be transmitted between an insecure remote worker and a secure workplace. This is where a VPN plays an important role.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN maintains privacy on a shared public infrastructure (like the internet) by using various tunneling protocols and security procedures. The security protocols like Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) encrypts data when it is sent and decrypts it when it is received, which in effect creates a “tunnel” through which a data is sent. Data that is not encrypted properly can’t enter the tunnel. For an extra level of security, the receiving and originating network addresses are also encrypted along with the data.

Benefits of using VPN for a small business

A maintained and well-constructed VPN can provide numerous benefits for your business.

  1. It can secure the connection between geographically remote workers.
  2. It can help you organize your workforce with a certain degree of flexibility.
  3. As your business expands and grows, you can scale your VPN too.
  4. Since there will be a reduced need for traveling for physical meetings, you will be able to save costs.
  5. You will be able to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

A VPN can route data anywhere securely and efficiently, so it can become your business’s backbone. I want to mention here that Faceless VPN is the renown and providing the best VPN services.

Increasing your security

Basically, there are two main types of VPNs based on the security protocols used.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) VPNs secure the connection with a program installed in the user’s Smartphone or computer by installing encryption systems on the router. This type of VPN is very popular since once the user is logged in, they can use the business servers as if they were sitting in the office.

Another type of VPN security you could consider for your business is Secure Socket Layer (SSL). If you have an online store, you may already be familiar with SSL. It connects customers securely when they make payments on your websites. A web browser is used to connect with your business server and the connection is limited to specific applications and files. SSL is ideal if you want to give a secure access to outside users periodically.

Choosing the right VPN for your business

But again before making a decision, you need to determine what services you want from the VPN. Take the time to test the VPN service you have chosen with a couple of users and without using any sensitive information. Once you are satisfied, you can roll the service across your business.

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