Google Pixel 2: Greatest of Google so far

In the absence of official figures by the company and despite the qualities of the phone, the Pixel has gone through much more pity than glory. The company has not been discouraged and prepares a second model for this year.

The solution to problems is easy: increase distribution channels. If people cannot buy your product, and the few who know it cannot get it directly, Google Pixel 2 will have the same fate as its predecessor.

If Californians decide to justifiably maintain a high iPhone-like price for Pixel 2, they would do well to offer financing options directly through their payment platforms or collaboration with local entities like Apple does.

The duopoly of high-end phones and a large camera maintained by Apple and Samsung would benefit from a third party that adds pressure and offers new ways of doing things. Google Pixel could not, maybe its successor yes.

Expected Features of Google Pixel 2

All information presented above is based on a variety of rumors about the new smartphone. Now tell you that I would like to see in the new devic.

1) Lower cost. Smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL were high-end devices, but the price are too high. It exceeded even the cost of iPhone 7 Plus, and only a little competition with other leaders of prices. If the company seeks to create a truly popular smart phones, it will have to reduce the price of the new model.

2) Display with a sharp image. The first Pixel display resolution is only 1080p. This is clearly not the flagship performance, especially when you consider that the company positions the smartphone as a device compatible with virtual reality goggles. The Google Pixel 2 should be set QHD display, and Pixel XL 2 – 4K display (if it does not impact negatively on the battery).

3) Over stylish appearance. Externally Pixel looks good, and for the body to use glass and metal, but there are some points of contention. I would like to see a one-piece body in the new model.

4) Water resistant. This feature is far from all champions, but has been implemented even in the iPhone 7. Therefore, Pixel resistance to splashes of water is not sufficient. We hope that in the Pixel 2 body is executed at least standard IP68, but can move further in this direction by creating a fully waterproof design.

5) Increased duration of battery life. Rapid battery discharge problem is typical for almost any smartphone, but in the case of the Pixel is a disaster. The smartphone flagship must have a long battery life.

6) The stereo speakers. As is the case with water resistance, this function has not even all flagships. But it would be nice if Google will set the stereo speakers in Pixel 2.

7) One of the reasons for the demand for Pixel is an electronic assistant Google Assistant. Despite its impressive functionality, it does not look like an update to Google Now, as it positioned the company. I wish that he immediately activated when pronouncing aloud, “OK Google┬╗ team better understand speech, even if the command uttered in noisy places or quickly recite the words.

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