Google Music, Google’s answer to iTunes

Google Music, the American giant tackles industry heavyweights such as Apple and Amazon with a catalog of 13 million shares, building on an offer of free storage of 20,000 songs and listening to their social network via shared + Google .

Tested since last May in beta, Google Music has made its official debut Thursday, Nov. 17 in the United States with the opening of its online retail store. Agreements were signed with three of the four major record labels, namely EMI, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group and several independent labels (including Matador, Merge Records and Warp Records). Independent artists can sell their works on this platform, and Google takes care of them donate a percentage of revenues.

Overall, Google Music displays a catalog of more than 13 million shares whose prices range between 0.69 and $ 1.29. A tariff equivalent to that proposed by its two main competitors Apple (iTunes) and Amazon.

Google Music is placed on the market

The Google Music Store has been integrated into the Android Market, the online store applications related to the operating system Google. It is accessible from a computer via an Internet browser or an Android smartphone with a dedicated application. To lure the barge, Google Music offers a piece a day to download while Apple offers one week. At first, we find there nothing that can allow Google Music to shake its competitors. Especially since there is no catalog of Warner Music (Eric Clapton, Lennny Kravitz, Prince, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers …) is a real handicap.

“We confirm that discussions are ongoing with Warner Music. Hopefully they will join Google Music “has just said a spokesman for Google about this notable absence.

However, the Mountain View company does not necessarily seek to attack Apple and Amazon head but rather to build a coherent ecosystem. Like the terminal users iOS look (or are forced to turn!) To feed in to iTunes content (music, applications, videos, eBooks …), Google wants to provide the same type of services to its users Android while adding a dimension of gratuitousness and sharing.
Direct competitor to iTunes, Google Music up on the Google + social network to reach the greatest number. © Google
Storage space of 20,000 titles online

For Google Music is not just an online store is also a cloud service that provides each user with a storage space on which it is possible to transfer up to 20,000 pieces. They are available in streaming from any computer or mobile terminal.

Apple offers a similar service with iTunes Match is charged 24.99 dollars a year and a maximum of 25,000 shares not purchased on iTunes. The big difference is that it does not transfer songs to an online space. Match analysis iTunes disco of the user and compares it with its own catalog. The songs that match (match in English) can be streamed or downloaded on various terminals iOS while those that do not appear in the catalog can be transferred to icloud space which provides 5 GB of free storage. For its part, Amazon also offers 5 GB of space on the servers of the Cloud Drive.

Music where Google plays the card of the difference is about sharing via social network. Anyone who bought a track or album can share it with friends on Google +. If sharing is done via a Google + Circle or directly with a contact, the person entitled to a full free listening. If sharing is for the public, he can listen to only an excerpt.

Google Music Has the potential to rock the party? Hard to say for the time being, especially as the service is currently available in the United States.

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