Google messes up the order of the results

MEMO TECHNO – The search engine will further focus on the most recent pages. Approximately 35% of searches will be impacted. Here’s why.

• Context. Google operates more than 400 changes to its algorithm every year to improve the quality of its search results. The last major update, Panda, back to the beginning of the year in the United States and in France this summer. She downgraded the so-called “farm content”, these websites that generate a large number of low-quality pages to appear in search engines and attract Internet users. Panda has also led to a drop in the visibility of sites well known for consumer reviews and price comparison sites, causing them to anger the French Twenga has announced its intention to refer the matter to the Justice. But Google has decided not to stop there.

• What changes. The update announced last night is no longer about the quality of the pages but on fresh. Now, in research on major events and topics, Google will focus on the most recent pages. Specifically, search for “Carlton Lille ‘will show more articles on the business of procuring current on the opinions of hotel guests. Similarly, “presidential election” will first date information rather than encyclopedic references on the last vote. Another example, typing “PSG UEFA,” the results of the Paris club in this competition was prominently. In the same vein, Google also promote buying guides often updated. However, research on timeless classics such as recipes or tips yourself, should not be too affected.

• Why it changes. This premium content is not recent entirely new. Google takes into account the freshness of pages since 2007 and indexes the web faster since the update Caffeine, last year. But this criterion will now be applied to double the requests (35%), which bodes of a broad upheaval in the rankings. For Google, this is the tendency to stick to the snapshot, introduced by social networks, introducing the topics we talk now, rather than reference articles. The search engine, which had a financial agreement with Twitter to instantly retrieve the “tweets”, has not renewed and is attempting to fend for himself. The editors of websites, they will have to adapt again. According to experts in SEO SEOmoz, the change announced Thursday will affect them, however, unless the new algorithm Panda.

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