Avoid Microwave Radiations From Mobile Phones

Significant strides in technology have effectively changed the way we communicate. The introduction of mobile phones was monumental and it has come to stay. Mobile phones function by sending electromagnetic waves of high frequency via the phone’s transmitting antenna. Microwave radiation ranges between 300Mhz – 300GHz. Aires Technologies offers microwave radiation protection devices tested, verified and approved in independent medical and scientific facilities. Microwaves can cause devastating effects on the human body, as they can affect the immune system and cause damage to the reproductive and embryonic systems of the body.

To reduce the risk associated with microwave radiation, you should follow these instructions;

  1. Ensure you buy and use only licensed mobile phones that come with microwave radiation protection.
  2. Ensure that you do not carry your phone around your waist to prevent microwave radiation from doing harm to the body’s internal organs.
  3. Avoid using your mobile phone when you can and use when necessary especially during travel, instead use the telephone at all times.
  4. Children, pregnant women and women in the periods of menses should keep away from mobile phones as they are likely to cause more damage to them, due to the variation in their body temperature.
  5. Electromagnetic waves are highest in phone when a call is in progress. Be sure to keep the phone as far ways as possible from your ear when making a call.
  6. If you absolutely have to make a mobile call for a long time, try to use the headset or phone’s speaker to reduce the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves.

Radiations are basically everywhere, all around us. From the computer to every household appliances. Even the sun and the earth give off radiation too. Radiation in a nutshell is the release of energy. An X-ray, a Sun-bed, mobile phones and other appliances all give off radiation.

Does this mean that we are constantly at risk of radiation and its harmful effects?? To answer this question properly, it is first important to understand how microwaves works. There are 2 different kinds of radiation;

  • Ionising radiation
  • Non-ionising radiations

Ionising radiation can remove tightly-bound electrons from atoms causing them to be positively charged. They are thought to have relatively small adverse effects (like x-rays) but can cause great irreversible damage on high exposure to the body.

Microwaves emit non-ionising radiation; a kind of radiation that has enough energy to only move atoms within a molecule but not adequate enough to remove electrons. What this actually means is that microwaves produces non-ionising radiations, meaning that it can only causes food molecules to move. To aptly put, microwave radiation cannot alter the chemical composition of food. When you use a microwave, the radiation from the microwaves is absorbed by the water molecules in the food. Thus, this energy causes the water molecules to vibrate and generate heat through this (harmless) friction, which cooks the food s. This is the reason why microwave cooks food faster than the conventional gas cooker, as it penetrates the food faster than a gas cooker that would rely on conduction to gradually cook food.



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