5 Simple Reasons Why You Need Seo

Effective SEO will help web pages show up in relevant search results—the more relevant and SEO-friendly the web page, the more likely it is to show up in the first few pages of results than pages which are not optimized for search engines.

SEO has been a standard for many years, and in recent years more website owners are turning to SEO to generate traffic to their pages. If you have been considering taking the plunge into SEO, or you’re simply wondering why you need it in the first place, consider the following simple reasons why you need SEO for your website.

Reason #1: It is currently the best way to stand out from competitors

It can be difficult for your website or web page to stand out from competitors—business or otherwise—simply due to the sheer volume of websites that show up in search results. If there are one million results for a keyword phrase related to your website, and your website shows up on page 20 due to poor SEO, then it is not likely that your site will gain much traffic from search engines. By contrast, if you spend time working on your website’s SEO, you may be able to raise your ranking in the search engines to the first few pages, therefore making it more likely to gain additional traffic.

Reason #2: It’s a cost effective form of marketing

Quality marketing isn’t exactly cheap, but search engine optimization is a cost effective form of marketing that can provide a high ratio of spending to gain in terms of how much it costs to spend time working on SEO verses the benefits of increased traffic, increased business leads, and overall increased exposure. There are very few forms of marketing techniques that have this great ratio, so not taking advantage of SEO would be giving up one of the best forms of low cost marketing out there today.

Reason #3: Localized search engines are becoming status quo

The rise in mobile technology has led to a significant increase in the localization of search engine results. On a smart phone or other mobile device with location-based services, search engine results can now be tailored towards local websites and pages that may be relevant rather than broad, all-encompassing results. For example: If you search for “pizza places” on your smart phone with location technology turned on, the more relevant search results will be pizza restaurants which are close to the location pinpointed by your mobile device. This new location-based SEO has been very beneficial for local business owners, who are now able to indirectly market towards local customers by ensuring that their location is part of their SEO plan.

Reason #4: Everyone does it

SEO is considered a standard in the website world today. All successful websites and pages use SEO, so if you are not using SEO, then you are putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. There is no point in taking the risk—and potential hit to your website’s traffic—when SEO does work, is cost-effective, and can benefit you in the long run.

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