5 Best IPhone Apps For Watching Movies

I’m an avid movie fan, and I can’t live a day without checking the latest news on cinematography and movie-related technologies. Today I’m going to share some useful information about the most popular iPhone apps for watching movies. So, if you are a happy owner of an iPhone, you may want to learn which apps were proven to be the most popular with movie lovers. So, let’s start:

#1 Netflix

This is one of the leading services for watching TV shows, series and movies on mobile devices. It allows users to watch, pause and resume watching their favourite shows without any commercials. This application was developed by the world’s leading company specializing in providing Internet television. You can download this app either via their official website, or Apps store. Before purchasing this application you can sign up for a 1 month free trial to see whether it meets all your needs. By the way, there is no limit on how many movies, series and shows you can watch there.

#2 BBC iPlayer

Users adore this app for its user-friendliness. This player offers a great deal of great stuff and perks. BBC iPlayer lets customers view both live broadcasts and TV shows over the last week. With this app you can create a list of your Favorite broadcasts and watch them as soon as they’re available. It works seamlessly over WiFi and 3G. Isn’t it enticing?

#3 IMDb Movies & TV

You have definitely heard about IMDb (Internet Movie Database). It’s one of the most authoritative online sources for movie-related content. Their iPhone application offers unforgettable experience to the users. It lets them access the world’s richest TV shows resource: browse trailers, photographs, movie reviews and ratings.

#4 Disney Movies

Although this mobile application works exclusively for Disney’s Movies, it offers a great deal of functionality. So, if you are an avid Disney fan, you’re bound to install this app to be able to see its full length movies, behind the scenes, the most recent movie trailers, professional reviews, interviews, and even more.

#5 Crackle

Crackle is also one of the top desired apps for iPhones. It’s easy-to-install and use. With this player you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and series whenever and wherever you are. Check out the full description of this application on their official website.

Besides these, there are also many other popular iPhone apps for movie watching. These include B-Movies, Justin.tv, Hollywood pocket, Joost, and Daily Motion, just to name a few.

Surely, these are very convenient apps for movie watching. But what about me, I prefer going to the movies or watching TV shows in a noisy company of friends rather than on my iPhone. However, I adore movie watching software when it comes to improving my language skills. I download subtitles from subtitlebox.org, convert them for my device and then watch my favorite movies with subs. Watch your most loved foreign movies with their original audio streams using subs – you won’t be disappointed!

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