Moto E3 Power: Budget-centric smartphone under 8K

The new Moto E3 Power has come to the Indian mobile market recently to add to the fiery competition of the very capable budget smartphone segment. The new Moto E3 Power is the latest member in the highly popular Motorola Moto E series of smartphones. As the company was taken over by the Chinese tech major Lenovo, the latest generation Moto E3 Power does not bear the Motorola brand name anymore and has added another feather to the charm of the original low-cost Moto E3. The newly launched Moto E3 Power is the third generation avatar of the Moto E, which was first launched in India back in the year 2013 and charmed all the Indian smartphone lovers with its neat design, great performance and quality along with incredible low price tag.

The new Moto E3 Power is being touted for its superb battery backup and thus the suffix ‘Power’ in its name. The device which was unveiled a couple of months ago and went on sale in China has finally come to the Indian mobile market. The smartphone has been very affordably priced at just Rs 7,999 for the Indian market in order to enhance the smartphone experience of the budget-segment buyers of this country. The new low-cost smartphone from Lenovo has gone on sale and is exclusively available exclusively on the online retail shop Flipkart. The company also offered a special introductory offer only on the first day of its market sale, which came with the inclusion of a free 32 GB microSD card and the price being slashed to only Rs. 7,000. Although the first day introductory price is not available anymore, you can still get the free microSD card on purchasing the new Moto E3 Power.

Now let us take a look at the newly launched Moto E3 Power, to see how different it is from its previous generation models and how it justifies it’s ‘power’ name:

Build, Design & Display

All Moto devices are known for their tough build quality and nice feel in the hand, and the new Moto E3 Power is no different. It feels solid and tough along with a neat and clean design. The rounded off edges and the back panel offer a good and comfortable hold on the device.

The new Moto E3 Power offers a 5 inch HD display with a 720p screen resolution and a pixel density of 294 ppi to ensure crystal clear and bright visual quality.

Hardware & Software

Under the hood, the new Moto E3 Power comes equipped with a Quad Core MediaTek MT6735P chipset that has been clocked at the speed of 1 GHz. The processor gets the support of a good 2 GB of RAM. This is to ensure that the device offers smooth and comparatively stutter free performance even while multitasking and playing high-end games.

The smartphone runs on the latest Android v6.0 Marshmallow operating system, offering all the attest benefits of this OS. Users can also enjoy the neat and clean stock Android Marshmallow OS that the phone offers in order to get the pure Android experience without any junk apps.


The Moto E3 Power comes packed with an 8 MP primary camera at its rear. This snapper comes with features such as autofocus and LED flash in order to offer good quality images even in lowlight conditions as well as good quality videos. For the selfie aficionados, there is also a good 5 MP shooter which offers crisp and detailed selfies and facilitates excellent video chat sessions. So, no compromise in terms of cameras even when the device is just a budget segment product.

Storage & Connectivity

In E3 Power comes with and onboard memory of 16 GB which is good for any average users in this segment. Moreover, the device offers the flexibility of expanding the memory to up to 32 GB by proving a microSD card slot. What more? The company is also offering a free 32 GB microSD card when you buy the device as mentioned above. Thus, you get to enjoy extended storage space without spending additional money.

The new smartphone comes with all the modern network and connectivity options. The handset supports 4G, 3G, Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and microUSB port.


The Moto E3 Power got its name from the company’s claim of it offering excellent battery life. The device draws its juice from a Li-ion battery pack with the capacity of 3,500 mAh. So, long battery life is one of the key buy points of this new mobile phone and it should keep regular users happy with the same. Considering all the aspects such as screen size and under the hood specifications, the powerful 3500 mAh capacity battery should offer remarkable backup time, which could be a great attraction for the buyers of the budget smartphones in the market.


Like the previous iterations of the Moto E, the latest Moto E3 Power is also a quality product which can be termed as an all-rounder of a budget smartphone model that the buyers can’t go wrong with. It has good sturdy and neat design, nice screen quality, good quality cameras, latest stock Android Marshmallow OS right out of the box and long battery life. All these together should keep any average low-cost smartphone buyer very pleased with overall performance. Moreover, the Moto E3 Power is also an excellent choice for all those buyers who wish to go for reputed brands only, but also don’t wish to spend a lot on a new model. However, having said everything, the market competition is really tough and we do see great products with very low price tags. So, considering this aspect and the not so powerful processor of the Moto E3 Power, we can’t really conclude that it is an overall powerful device. Nevertheless, the new Moto E3 Power is a really great smartphone to go for, especially if you don’t wish to compromise much on anything and boast about owing a coveted brand, while also paying just under Rs. 8k.

Introduction To Data Cables And Their Unique Features

In today’s era of online businesses, most companies rely on email to share data between staff members. This is a convenient way of working followed by top as well as small companies. Therefore, data cabling is essential to keep everything connected. The size of the data cable define the speed of data transfer and what kind of files can be transferred from place to another.

What is a data cable?

A data cable can be defined as a media that allows the baseband transmissions from the sender to the receiver. Data cables have electricity and may cause hazardous accidents.

It is a common misconception that some people are having today that the data cables having electricity running through them. Yes, they do have electricity, but it is very small only to transfer signal from spot to another. So, don’t worry about the safety of your owned space.

Phone lines were one of the first types of data cables

Phone lines were the first type of data cables that quickly become part of most residential or commercial after it’s unveiling. While most homes have one simple data cable running in their home, a business space may have an entire phone system that connects the entire office. Calls can be easily transferred from one staff member to another without making the customer call back.

Data cabling systems are better than wireless systems

Proper data cabling systems have become essential part in every company and organization. In most cases, a system which makes use of manual connections is stronger and easy to repair than the usual one based on the wireless technology. And, moreover importantly they are safe for human daily operation. These days’ optical fibre cabling systems are also increasing.

They are safe and secure

The first and the most important concern is the security. In any organization without any doubt security comes first. And, safety and reliability are the first major advantages of data cabling as it provides higher level of protection in comparison to the wireless set up. With data cabling, you don’t have the headache of remembering all those tricky passwords, and you don’t have to face the potential threat of hacking.

Provide constant connectivity

The data cabling systems usually give constant connectivity which is major why people still prefer them over the wireless technology. Data comes in packers constantly without getting influenced with the other frequency on the contrary wireless signal may create intervals. In this way the data transferred won’t get corrupted and will reach its destination.

Low interference

A physical set up offer low interference that wireless setup. The data cabling systems are not easily affected by electrical signals and radio frequency once the setup is done correctly. On the contrary, wireless networks performance drips under the influence of these external signals.

Besides these advantages, there are a few also some unique features of data cabling. Like, it offer mobility and provide user connectivity with Internet. So, the final decision is yours, choose well.

Why Is It Important To Analyze Data In The Market Properly?

Marketing data analytics is something vital and without doing it, it’s not possible to detect necessities of the market. A business cannot perform well without it’s uncovering. There are diverse trades and so are their findings.  Therefore, to accomplish appropriate data, it is essential to know the need it is required for. Once it is done then you can move further to analyze the same. It is also required for analyzing the market and has legitimate data to employ the same level of marketing professionals. Likewise, there are various other needs that should get fulfilled properly to take the maximum benefit of that.

A must for getting best output

It is not just simple statics and much more than that. There are numerous companies that offer to furnish marketing data analytics. It is required to choose a top-notch service out of them. If you are experienced enough and running your business from a long time then it is not a necessity for you, that is a myth and you have to get a report via a knowledgeable medium. In spite of the years of your business establishment, it is vital to know the present scenario of the market. To compete in the nowadays bazaar suitably, it is a must.

Why it is obligatory to get it from some outsider

Perhaps, you may think when I am having a big business and same level of professionals in my own firm then what is the need to involve an outsider? It is not a straightforward assignment to get the required statics from the market that is an exact requisite. If you hire a skilled company to perform it then they are capable of endowing with the precise data to you. As they are into this job, that’s why it is most excellent to get the work done by them. They are well aware of the apt method what is unerringly requisite to get the optimal data. It is a necessity to go for evaluates market in depth and take out only what is required for a particular business. Therefore, what will remain is only quality and precise data to analyze and effortless to go through the same.

Speedy market demands the same

Today, it is quite hard to survive a business appropriately in the market as it is essential to go with the present culture that is fast enough. So you also need to know what others are planning and have further execution of the same. It won’t be possible for you or your team to do it in a manner it required. That’s why you need help to get the exact data and you can analyze the same and apply to your business whatever is the constraint.

Apposite marketing data analytics is a must in the competitive market, go with the pace and even further than that. To perform according to the potential you have, to stay ahead, and moreover, to act smartly. It’s a necessity and to get most out of your business is a must to do.

How to Find a Reliable Video Production Company

If you have a superior product that your company would like to effectively market, then you need to hire a reliable video production company to help you accomplish the task. Below are some insider tips on how you can find a production team that will create a cost-efficient video for your business.

  1. Research online

Take advantage of the Internet to find a video production company that your business deserves. Make sure their website shows proof of their great business ethics and samples of actual videos they were hired to create. Check if these videos pass your company’s standards before you even make an inquiry. Once you’ve already chosen the company you prefer, look for online reviews about them. You may also check online mentions about their business using Facebook or Twitter. This way, you can be confident that the company is really known in the industry for delivering quality service.

  1. Ask for recommendations

If you could not find what you are looking for online, you may also ask for recommendations from your friends. You might know a friend or a former colleague who works in the advertising or marketing industry.  Better ask for their advice regarding companies who know how to produce great videos. Look for vendors who have years of experience in the industry as they will have an eye for some details that you might miss. They will also give suggestions on how you can improve your videos, especially if this is your first time to do one.

  1. Get quotations from different companies

Make sure you are getting the right pricing for the type of service you are expecting by asking for estimates from different companies. This is a great way to see to it that your project is priced right. It will also help you manage finances, especially if you only have limited budget to pull through a tough project. Based on the quality of their previous video projects and pricing, the company that offers the best value is the one you have to choose.

  1. Look for their previous project

Do you already have a video production name in mind but you’re not quite sure if you should hire them? Then you need more proof of what their team can do. Visit a production company’s social media sites like Facebook page where you can see their client’s reviews and ratings about their company. You might also see samples of their most recent works. Social media sites are a good avenue to see if their recent projects since you have an idea of what kind of service they will deliver or what types of equipment or even skills they’ll bring to your shoot.

  1. Consider your audience

Be it a testimonial video or a short documentary, remember that your video will represent your company so it has to bring a positive impact no matter who the viewer is. Potential and existing clients who see your video will immediately form an opinion about your business. In short, it will affect people’s perception of your brand, and what could be more important than building an impressive reputation before even meeting your clients, right? So before you hire a video production company, consider what attracts your target audience and what elements are important to them so you can be certain that these things reflects on the video you will be creating.

Are you looking for a company who can ace your video production requirements? Be sure to contact Reelmedia Pte. Ltd. for quality video production service that you can always trust.

Standing Out on Instagram

Seventy million images are posted on Instagram daily. Because of the visual competition, any product photos you present must be the kinds of images viewers won’t scroll past. To make sure your images stand out, you can access in-app filers to enhance the moods and hues of your pictures. Just make sure you practice consistency. That way, your photos will be instantly recognised. That means using your own judgment to decide what pictures look best. If you cannot decide, research shows that, on average, the Mayfair filter on the site draws in more interactions for every 1,000 followers.

What Instagrammers Like

Also, remember lighter and brighter images produce 24% more likes than images that are dark. In addition, pictures with blue as a primary colour see almost 25% more likes than images that are mainly red. Images with a single dominant colour see a 17% increase in the number of likes. For example, the brand and retailer Urban Outfitters makes use of single dominant and blue colour integrations to present visually appealing and “likable” photos.

If you know a bit about how to use the filters and colour, you will also want to get Instagram followers by purchasing them. Doing so will help you extend your reach and make it easier to build those all-important organic links.

Because your Instagram account is not considered a platform for direct sales, you have to concentrate on adding value to your feed, especially if you want your followers to keep following you. Therefore, the ultimate way to inject your feeds with added appeal is with the introduction of lifestyle photos.

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photos use life-inspired scenes, models, or backgrounds to show how a product can be used in a certain setting. Research has found that the majority of Nike’s posts in 2014 featured lifestyle content. That is in contrast to calls-to-action and traditional product images. Adidas, on the other hand, shared about 32% of lifestyle-type content. In turn, Nike experienced eight times the engagement on social media sites. The tally came out as 993 shares per post versus 122 shares for Adidas.

The idea of adding lifestyle photos works for strengthening your products and brand, as they also highlight the culture and lifestyle surrounding them. In turn, you are underscoring your brand equity, or the feelings related to your company’s brand.

Including Bonuses

You can also stand out on Instagram, brand-wise and sales-wise, by including bonuses, special offers or insider announcements to followers. Since over 40% of Instagrammers admit that they follow a specific brand to take advantage of giveaways and perks, you want to offer Instagram followers with this type of incentive. Plus, a text overlay allows you to incorporate your promotion on a photo. This visual and stylish addition enable you to announce discount specials or sales in an easily recognisable and quick manner.

Apps, which are free, such as PicLab or Phonto, allow you to select the message, font, and positioning of a text over your image – all of which is both informative and eye-catching. The text ideally fits within Instagram’s visual square. Therefore, this type of communication is as big a boon for business as it is for communications.

Top Leading SEO Agency: Tips To Heightened SEO Ranking

Did you know that there is still a chance to take your search marketing strategy into a higher level with the help of SEO Company? SEO is a process whereby a website is able to achieve higher position in SERP or Search Engine Result Page and the website is also given the chance to get promotional achievement.

Whether it is for promotional or online marketing reason, business owners always make sure that they will be able to find professional SEO developer. Through internet marketing, businesses and organizations are given the chance to grow through online. Also, SEO Company plays a very important role in marketing every business. Hire the leading SEO agency for the best results.

So are you now ready to heighten your search engine ranking? If so, you must continue reading.

DIY or Professional SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies that you can employ in order to uphold website exposure by means of higher visibility in various search engines. This is also used in order to achieve great increase of traffic. This strategy can be in 2 ways, it’s either you do it yourself or you ask the help of an SEO Company. If you are not that much skilled in doing this, it would be better if you will entrust it to the company as they know all the important things to do in order to take your search marketing into another level.

Let the Pro do it for you

SEO for small business in Sydney can help you in improving the rankings of your website as well as your marketing level. Through their help, your website will become friendly with search engines, interesting, useful, helpful, leverage well-written and even entertaining content, which then leads into effective link building. Every SEO Company is aware of search engine algorithms which allows them to efficiency strategize and increase the search engine ranking of your website. If you are going to do it alone, you will be required to study and understand how it search engines ranks sites and how it works however if you will let the company work on it, you will be able to save your time.

All-in-One SEO Solution

Also, if you are going to hire an SEO Company, the time that you have saved from doing this can be reserved for other important matter regarding your business. The company is already responsible in the process of optimization, marketing and ranking concerns. You will no longer think of these issues since the company can already work with it efficiently. The company is equipped with systems as well as detailed processes in order to their work correctly. They will provide you with periodic reports and updates particularly in the development of your search marketing as well as in the improvement of your rankings in the search engines.

With a reliable SEO Company in Sydney, there is nothing to worry about the process of taking your search marketing level on the higher level. The company can handles issues related to SEO. They can provide you the assurance that in just few days, you will already achieve the improvement of development that you have been waiting for. You will surely like how they work and how their strategies and techniques create big impact in the stand of your business.

Top Leading SEO Agency: Tips To Heightened SEO Ranking

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. iPhone 6s Plus: Which One is Better?

The popular iPhone 6s Plus has come to an end now as its next-gen rival Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has recently launched in the UK and has already experienced a super success. In this post, we will discuss on their comparison about their specifications, features, price and so forth:

Design & Quality:

6s Plus is slim, smooth & little tired; however, it looks elegant. The main physical difference is the weight, i.e. Note 7 is lighter: 169g, compared to the iPhone’s 192g.


Iris scanner:

Both the devices have fingerprint scanner. But the Note 7 features an iris recognition, which is unavailable in 6s Plus.

3D touch:

6s Plus is 3D touch capable, which has no similarity on the Note 7.

Live images:

This fun feature helps 6s Plus capture candid video. Samsung still hasn’t declared any similar feature on the Note 7.

Always On display:

With this feature, Samsung actually wins the race. It turns the screen on always and gets you important updates and notifications without waking up your mobile.

Retina Flash:

This feature is available in 6s Plus. It lights up the screen during taking selfie in low light. The Note 7 doesn’t have this feature.

Apple Pay:

Apple Pay Fans will definitely opt for 6S Plus. The Note 7 is also equipped with MST and NFC and is compatible with many mobile payment options.

microSD support:

If you prefer storage, then buy the Note 7 as its storage supports microSD and is expandable up to 128GB. iPhone buyers don’t have any choice except using the solid storage they receive alongside their phones.

S Pen Stylus:

The Note 7 comes with an S Pen. 6s Plus doesn’t feature a stylus and is not compatible with the Apple Pencil.


The Note 7 runs Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS. Besides, iOS 9.3.3 powers 6s Plus.

Although the choice is personal, you must note that iOS is restricted in apps and it provides more consistent and secure user-experience, whereas Android has many free apps and enables more customisation and is user-friendly also. So, be careful in choosing one.

Technical specifications:

Note 7 is actually advanced on specifications. It sports a Quad HD 5.7-inch screen with a 2560×1440 pixel resolution at 518ppi, while 6s Plus features a 5.5-inch HD Retina screen with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution at 401ppi.

6s Plus sports dual-core 64-bit A9 1.85GHz processor, while Note 7’s processor is more powerful: 64-bit Octa-core (1.6GHz Quad + 2.3GHz Quad) chip. Note 7’s RAM is twice than 6s Plus’.


Both the devices have 12MP rear-facing and 5MP front-facing cameras. But at f/1.7, Samsung has larger aperture compare to iPhone’s f/2.2. Note 7 can click better pictures in low light.

UK price, release date & availability:

As 6s Plus was unveiled in September 2015, its available online now at:

£619: 16GB

£699: 64GB

£789: 128GB

Note 7’s price is still not confirmed and it is expected to come at about £749, albeit there is no official news.

The Galaxy Note 7 contract deals will be available widely for pre-order from August 16.

Colour options:

Offers on iPhone 6s Plus are available in black, silver, golden, and rose golden colours, whereas Note 7 will be available in Black onyx, Gold platinum, blue coral, and silver titanium.


Well, this isn’t a fair comparison as 6s Plus is almost a year old. Note 7 is a better mobile to buy for money and it has many stunning specifications. So, just order it as early as possible.

Using The eBay API To Sell More Products On Your Magento Site

Magento for eCommerce comes with a lot of great benefits. Many experienced developers actually see it as the best open source solution for online selling services.

So if you’re among the people who has or plans to build their eCommerce site using Magento, you’ll want to know just what this will enable you to do.

Aside from its product-specific functionality, structuring and the extension side of Magento, you can also integrate various interesting 3rd party services via APIs.

Among those services, the eBay API allows developers to take advantage of eBay’s vast pool of products to give your site more merchandise you can profit from.

Let’s say for example that you have a few products you’re selling yourself, but people who are interested in those products may also be interested in various others that you’re not selling yourself. Why let that potential extra profit slip away?

Instead of having to navigate away from your site and look elsewhere, you can provide your visitors with those related products right there and make a bit of extra profit. This is where the eBay API comes in.

You can set it up in a variety of different ways and it will take a good developer to make sure it’s handled properly (as it can be complicated). Always make sure that you are working with a reliable, skilled developer to see your project through to the end. provides various Magento-related services including eBay API integration.

To get more information about what you can do or how the API works, feel free to request more info. You can get a better idea regarding the implications of this project, necessary timeline of development and more.

Whether you’re ready to get started or not, it’s always good to know what to expect. It will make it easier for you to decide the best way to go forward. For that purpose, make sure to consult one of their pros and get the info you need.

Enhancing Software Testing Efficiency – Tips To Consider

During the development process, a software loophole found in code can lead towards huge losses for the users and for the development companies. The best example is the Y2K bug, the one computer related glitch that basically brought in a higher understanding about the importance of software testing during the development phase.

Nowadays it is vital that we go through proper software testing as that will help reduce bugs and errors in what is created. We have access to so many interesting tools that can be used and many of them are actually automated. However, enhancing the efficiency of software testing is not just about what software is used. This is what adds value. It also counts who uses the software. Simply put, services with high reputation like Bugfinders are usually a lot better than alternatives. Besides this, you should also consider the following:

  • Developing A Proper Test Plan – The best testing plan will cover all testing areas. This includes the planning, risk identification, acquisition of staff and a whole lot more.
  • Understanding The Product – The software testing team has to understand everything about the project before work starts. This means that there are meetings in which the tester will need to understand everything directly from the developer. Testers learn about applications directly from them because they have the best authority. It is a bad idea to meet with the manager.
  • Positive Testing – This will improve testing. You need to write test cases, then develop requirement analysis and also plan a design phase. The testing is intended to check out functionality. For instance, it is checked to see if valid conditions will lead to proper operation. Then, invalid conditions are covered in order to see how the product reacts then.
  • Testing Early – Many believe that testing starts after the application or the software is finished. That is not the case. It is important to start the testing as soon as possible because a bug that would be located at a later stage would lead to a loss of money since it is more expensive to solve bugs when the software is over.
  • Good Test Cases Will Improve Testing – It is definitely common practice in software testing to write a test case during the requirement analysis and one during the design phase. The test case has to be intended towards functionality.
  • Small Functional Modules Tested – You need to divide the software into small functional modules. This makes the test cases smaller and more effective. Maximum coverage is thus guaranteed.
  • Developing Bug Reports – Reports are always necessary and they need to be offered in a way that is totally unambiguous and clear. That makes the report really easy to understand. Do not just report symptoms and try to find out what the effects of the bug are. If possible, solutions should be recommended.

Software testing efficiency is all about the plan that is developed. This is something that is incredibly important. You need to do all that you can as a software tester in order to make sure that the process goes well and that as many problems as possible are solved.

The virus “Duque,” according to Symantec.

This new virus was detected in eight countries, including France. Derived from Stuxnet, which has disrupted Iran’s nuclear program last year, he would steal confidential information.

The security threat has a new name. In recent days, the biggest antivirus alerts multiply against a newcomer, “Duque”, which affects computers running the Windows operating system. Thursday, Microsoft announced it was working “actively” in a fix to patch the vulnerability, previously unknown, exploited by this virus.

The danger to the victims of “Duque” is real and important. Once the infected computer, the hacker can remotely install programs, modify and delete data or create a new account. Like many viruses, “Duque” spreads as an attachment (in Microsoft Word format) sent by email. It does not mean the ability to self-replicate, that is to say to contaminate itself to other computers.
Similarities with Stuxnet
“Duque” is indeed a target virus. It was emailed to companies and governments, especially in the industrial sector, says Symantec. The editor says he spotted with certainty in eight countries: France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, India, Iran, Sudan and Vietnam. It was also reported in Austria, Hungary, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. The list of organizations attacked is not yet known.

There are still many questions about the objective of “Duque.” Scholars have noted that he shared much of its source code with Stuxnet, the virus that disrupted last year the launch of the Iranian nuclear Boucher, infecting software Siemens industrial automation control. Unlike its predecessor, “Duque” it would be designed to recover confidential data, perhaps in preparation for future attacks.

As Microsoft prepares its patch, a hunt was launched to find the creators of “Duque.” To be effective, the virus must be controlled by a control server. The pirates began by using a relay in India, which has been disabled, then in Belgium. This server, also suspended, had been leased to October 27, 2012, Reuters reported. There is almost no trace substituted.